In the 1980s Wentworth Distributors NZ Ltd. was owned by Went Ferdinands and was known as the Wendy Wools hand knitting yarn distributor for New Zealand. Went, however, had a dream. He wanted to sell balls of yarn to every retailer in New Zealand and he wanted it to be his own label. During a moment of contemplation on how he was going to do this, he scripted the word “Naturally” on a piece of paper and the dream came to life. The first yarns sold by Naturally were Pure Wool Natural Hanks, a natural un-dyed New Zealand spun wool. The brand was widely accepted in New Zealand and more yarns were added until a full range of New Zealand made yarns made up the collection.

2001 saw the company expand into the Australian market where the Naturally, Wendy, Peter Pan and Twilleys yarns were widely accepted. At this time, the Naturally label expanded into fashion yarns to supplement the basic wool range.

In 2007, the company was bought by Vimar 1991 s.a.s, an Italian yarn producer. Shortly thereafter Vimar 1991 s.a.s. bought the Filatura di Crosa international trademark and Wentworth Distributors NZ Ltd. became the sole distributor for Filatura di Crosa in both New Zealand and Australia. In addition to the Naturally, Filatura di Crosa, Wendy, Peter Pan, Twilleys, Nako and Misti Alpaca, the company has sourced high end accessories such as Addi, Quill and Bamboo needles to complement the range.

Wentworth Distributors NZ Ltd. prides itself on maintaining the "Made in New Zealand" factor in our Naturally range and is always supporting local New Zealand wool producers wherever possible.


We are also proud supporters of the "Royal New Zealand Returned & Services Assn." A percentage from the sale of each ball of Gallipoli and each Gallipoli leaflet will be donated to the Royal New Zealand Returned & Services Assn.

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